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The Sacred and the Mundane

I like to play hide and seek.  I became so good at it that sometimes I couldn’t hear the call “all ye, all ye, in free” and I’d miss a few rounds of the game.  Other children rarely found me.

In the work entitled The Sacred and the Mundane, I am looking for that little girl who is scared she will not be found, yet who wants to excel at hiding.  I begin with portraits of my friends and relatives that I then project onto common household objects.  The faces that combine with the objects show tension between wanting to reveal who I am and what I’m willing to reveal.  The portraits play hide and seek among such things as tree roots, vacuum cleaners and starfish.

I am intrigued when viewers offer their responses and interpretations of my work.  The universality of emotion transmitted from me through my work to the viewer amazes and pleases me.  It is here that I am found.

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