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Mom & Me: Postcards to Sigmund

In a family photograph, my mother and I are dressed for church wearing matching dresses.
A study of this photograph led me to this series entitled Mom & Me: Postcards to Sigmund

I enlarged, parsed and copied pieces of this mother/daughter image; I cut out pieces and
re-combined them before placing them against a wall I had painted red.  Sometimes I
added text or a drawing before re-photographing the result.  As I began to “play” with the
characters from this image, games and other activities from my childhood began to appear
in my work.  After photographing one idea, I destroyed the construction and began again
with different combinations of image parts.  Later I added another image -- a formal portrait
of my grandmother with her mother. In trying to re-configure the pieces of these photographs
in my own work, I look for answers to the puzzle of maternal relationships in my family.

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